Friday, November 21, 2014


Over the eons, the ability of the human race to consider the consequences of various actions has allowed them to survive. In the cave man era, when the opportunity for a cool dip in the river presented itself, survivors always checked around for crocodiles. When they came upon a fresh kill of life sustaining meat, they checked to be sure a lion wasn't in the bushes guarding the feast. Being cautious and developing the ability to connect the dots was a plus in the survival and expansion of the species. Though the threats have changed, deductive reasoning is just as vital today as it was in those dark developing years.

When a thoughtful person looks around today's world, connecting the dots can be a very frightening exercise. When one sees certain actions being taken by those who are supposed to be running the show and one considers the predictable repercussions of these actions, the possibilities tend to spiral out of control. Playing the "what if" game is no longer amusing. It is frightening.

Last night, the President of the United States made a speech. He outlined how he intends to do an end run around Congress and initiate law on his own. He indicated that he believes these actions are within his constitutional authority. The problem is that a majority of the American people and a majority of legal scholars disagree with this position. Although many in these groups agree with some of the provisions in his proposal, they all disagree with his process. All in these groups agree that his actions demonstrate a violation of the Separation of Powers as iterated in the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, and court precedent.

Owing to the severity of these proposed actions, large numbers of American citizens are outraged. These citizens view the actions of the President as a blatant violation of the U S Constitution. His detractors fear these actions will be the first of many such violations and they are concerned as to where the trend will end. As a result of these concerns, many in the opposition are exercising their Constitutional rights of peaceful protest by making plans to go to Washington to have their voices heard.

In years gone by, with different Presidents, this would not be big news that would be a cause for great concern, BUT, this is today, with a President who doesn't take criticism well. Considering the punitive actions he has taken against Conservative groups in the past, his reaction to mass defiance of his authority might not end well. This is where the "what if" game gets really scary.

WHAT IF a half a million angry citizens show up in front of the White House?

WHAT IF this President follows form and over-reacts?

WHAT IF just ONE of the protesters gets out of hand?

WHAT IF just ONE of the DC police makes a mistake?

We can all agree it is never a good idea to touch a match to a powder keg. From his actions, one would think this President just loves to play with matches.

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