Friday, January 27, 2012


Considering the attention to the matter, GE&P was confident that BC government would come up with some "legitimate" reason why a private citizen could be fined $50 for selling wares along side the road in an unincorporated area of BC. BC government did NOT let us down.

It now seems, after two position adjustments already, the County has settled on the perfect justification for their actions. "They were only enforcing the Fire Code". This is a very plausible position to establish as we all know how potentially dangerous it could be should one be unfortunate enough to get caught under an awning during a fire. One would only have FOUR unimpeded avenues of escape to traverse, at most, twenty feet.

This entire situation would be funny if it weren't so obviously ridiculous. "If you give them an inch, they will take a mile" seems to apply to more than your four year old.

Friday, January 13, 2012


The last three years have provided indisputable proof that the 2012 election will be the most pivotal in our lifetime. The American people will decide whether this country will remain on the path to socialism or make the uncomfortable adjustments to restore our Republic to the original intent of our founding fathers. With the stakes this high, you would think Conservatives would would have given their strategy a bit more thought. After all, one would think the survival of the Republic should take priority over the personal ambitions of individual candidates.

It is common knowledge that splitting the opposition vote is a bad idea if you wish to unseat an incumbent or get a certain candidate selected in a primary. The results of such an effort are never positive. Being as all agree that this is a revolutionary election that demands revolutionary ideas, the historic manner in which the Republican primaries are conducted just may not have been the best way to go.

That brings us to the theory GE&P would like to put forward:

What would have been the result if the Conservative (and not so Conservative) candidates had met for a long weekend well BEFORE time for the caucuses, primaries AND FILINGS. This meeting would have included Santorum, Gingrich, Bachman, Cain, Perry and, yes, Paul. Since each of these candidates have certain strengths and weaknesses, egos should have been checked at the door and intelligent, rational thought should have been allowed to take control of the process.

Right out of the chute, it would have been agreed upon that Paul should be designated Secretary of Constitutional Government. Advising him would be a panel of twelve Constitutional scholars headed by, say, Dr. Peter Johnson, Jr. This panel would review existing Federal Laws and determine which violate the Constitution, especially the 10th Amendment. Documents would, then, be drafted and presented to the Congress for repeal of said law. This suggestion would surely prompt Paul to jump on board.

Next, it would be agreed upon that Gingrich would be appointed Secretary of State. His knowledge of Foreign Policy would put him in the position of being an excellent advisor to the administration on all associated issues.

Now the changes become a bit more complicated. Since, in Texas, Perry has demonstrated talent for creating jobs, he should be determined to be the Secretary of Labor. This Labor Department would not be the existing department. It would be a combination of all the existing departments that handle labor issues, including but not limited to the NLRB and Department of Commerce. All of the existing departments, bureaus, commissions, etc that pertain to labor issues would be abolished. The motto for the new department would be: "Our goal is to keep the nose of government out of business's business."

Since Santorum consistently demonstrates that his moral compass is unshakable, he could be trusted to head the new Department of Common Sense. This new department would oversee and suggest policy for all things government giveaway from grants to welfare programs. All existing Federal agencies involved in these activities would be abolished, including but not limited to DHHS and the Department of Education.

Cain would be the nominee to run for President. Since dependable polls indicate that, among the voting public, admitted Conservatives outnumber admitted Liberals 2 to 1, with the addition of 50% of the Liberal minority vote that Mr. Cain would attract, his election should be assured. This assessment in no way should be interpreted as demeaning Mr. Cain's talents and abilities or his qualifications to hold office. The numbers are just icing on the cake.

Bachman would be the choice for VP for much of the same reasons as stated above except we must replace "Liberal minorities" with "Liberal women". Again, this stated advantage in no way demeans or diminishes her accepted qualifications to hold this office.

After these initial determination are made, the whole group would decide which talent could be tapped to head the new Department of Finance, possibly Cantor. This department, with advice and consent of the original 6, would address abolishing the IRS and formulating a new tax system. (This would be yet another carrot dangled in the face of Paul) Additionally, the "TICKET" could add other co-runners to address additional problems plaguing existing government. Abolishing the EPA and starting the process to repeal Obamacare would be the first actions taken by the new administration.

Considering the fact that, so far in the process, Romney has been able to garner an average of only 30% of the vote, it is more than possible that this newly created "TICKET" would be alarmingly successful. But ultimate success would hinge on the unlikely probability that the candidates, as well as the voting public, would put the good of the Republic ahead of their individual ambitions and egos.

GE&P does not suggest that this "TICKET" would be the only way to go. The 6 could have possibly arranged the assignments in a different order. We have only suggested ONE possibility. If the original candidates had adopted some form of this option, the "LEFT" would not have accumulated the amount of ammunition for the general election that is now the case. With the existing system, each candidate has done a very good job of discrediting the others.

Now, we are ready to hear all the reasons why such a system would be unworkable. Also, if you agree with the idea, we would like to hear your suggestions for additions to the "TICKET". Have at it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


As part of our public service efforts, GE&P would like to warn the taxpayers of Berkeley County about a new scam that is being perpetrated against certain innocent citizens.

For as long as we can remember, we have seen roadside vendors selling their wares along the highways and byways of Berkeley County. These vendors provide a needed service to the community. Anyone can stop and pick up a watermelon on the way to a day at the lake or grab that necessary bunch of fresh collards on New Year's Eve. The wares available range from Christmas trees to veggies to household items.

If these roadside stands are located within an incorporated area of the County, Monck's Corner, Goose Creek, Daniel Island, etc., the vendor must pay whatever fee is required by that town. BUT, there is no BC Ordinance requiring a permit or business license if the stand is located in the unincorporated area.

Now that you know the way things are supposed to be, allow us to tell you what actually happened.

Shortly before Christmas last, a BC citizen set up a roadside stand in an unincorporated area of BC to sell Christmas trees. After a few days, a BC employee who works in Code Enforcement paid him a visit. This vendor was asked for his permit. Of course the vendor didn't have one since a permit to operate a roadside stand in the unincorporated portions of BC is not required by law. The Code Enforcement officer told the vendor he would have to either secure a $50.00 permit or shut down his operation.

The vendor inquired as to the number of the BC Ordinance that required the $50.00 permit. The Code Enforcement officer told the vendor there was no Ordinance but there was a County POLICY that required the permit if "you have a tent over your wares".

The vendor immediately went to the permit department at the BC administration building. When he inquired about getting the needed permit, the lady behind the counter said, " This is a real coincidence, we just got the memo on this about 10 minutes ago." The lady showed the vendor the memo that described the new "policy" on TENTS and AWNINGS. It might interest you to obtain a copy of this, if you want a good laugh, that is. The policy includes a "FEE" (which turns out to be $50) to cover the inspection of these potentially dangerous items (tents and awnings).

Consider, if you will, the impact this new "policy" could have on BC. Camp meetings use tents and awnings. Funeral homes use tents and awnings. Church bazaars use them. Yard sales use them. Most people selling anything alongside the road in the summertime use awnings. People having a cookout use awnings. The list goes on.

Now, we would like to mention one last little tiny fact. In order for the County Administration to impose any fee on 'we the people', there must exist an Ordinance passed by County Council. Would anyone like to venture a guess as to whether County Council has ever voted on this new "POLICY"?

Friday, January 6, 2012


GE&P would like to make a bold statement giving a bit of free advice to the newest Charleston member of the Republican party, Mr. Elliott Summey. "If you are supposed to be a Republican, it might be a good first move for you to vote in support of the Republican candidate for Chairman of Charleston County Council." Just saying.

It is common knowledge that it is very difficult at best for Liberals to be elected to anything in Conservative South Carolina. Many Democrats opt to jump the isle and "officially" become Republicans in order to increase their odds of election. Unfortunately, many, if not all, of these "converts" maintain and bring along their Liberal philosophy. This is one reason the Republican party is infested with so many RINOs.

We can hear Mr. Summey's supporters now as they take a page from the Clinton playbook, "It is so unfair to criticize Young Elliott because his unwavering support of all that is Democrat was 'in the past' ". And they will be correct. After all, his actions took place YESTERDAY.

GE&P hopes that any Republicans who choose to come out today in support of Mr. Summey's announcement will consider this action very carefully. It is an undeniable fact that the memories of SC voters have improved measurably over the last few years.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


In case you missed the notice in the P&C, Elliott Summey is holding a presser tomorrow to announce that he is switching political parties. His epiphany has been almost biblical in proportion. As of tomorrow, he will have suddenly transformed from a long-time Liberal Democrat into a Conservative Republican. That road to Damascus is well traveled. If there is any doubt in your mind that this move comes as a "complete surprise" to everyone, please recheck GE&P's post from 7/21/2011.

Here's some more food for thought that could NEVER happen:

Ken Ard resigns. (for the good of the party)

Larry Grooms is offered that position. (He jumps at it, solving Glenn's problem with the "back row boys")

Young Elliot can, then, run for Larry's seat. (Everybody's happy, right?)

Well, there may be a few flies in this ointment. You can take it to the bank that Glenn hasn't thought this plan through to all the "possible" ends. It is way too early for GE&P to let all the cats out of this bag but you can take it to the bank that there will be more to this story.


If our elected officials spent as much time, thought, and energy on solving the Country's, State's, and Counties' problems as they do in promoting there own self interests and aggrandizing their political security, we would all be in much better shape.

Don't you just love politics?