Tuesday, May 19, 2009


GE&P was perusing the web site of the SC Ethics Commission tonight. As everyone knows, we are very nosy and enjoy knowing as much of what is going on as possible. Well, we must conclude the web managers of the Ethics Commission site must be very lax because a few entries are missing. We could find no entries of Statements of Economic Interest for Councilman Caldwell Pinckney for the years 2006, 2007, 2008, or 2009. Maybe someone should call Herb Haydon at the SC Ethics Commission and ask him to correct this error.

Monday, May 11, 2009


GE&P admits we have been very remiss lately. There have been no posts for over a month. The only excuse we can provide is that GE&P is comprised of a group of old fogies who can only focus on one subject at a time. Until recently, we were occupied with participation in the Republican Party reorganization process. We could have posted any bit of drivel just to fill space but that's not the way we like to operate this site. We like to provide important information and provide the reader with some semblance of entertainment. Now that the reorg process is over and new leadership for the party is firmly ensconced, we can move on to annoying someone else. We feel certain the old Party leadership will be thrilled at this prospect.

GE&P realizes that taxes are a necessary evil to run a county as large as Berkeley, or any county, for that matter. BUT, when government waste and abuse comes to light, the taxpayers must be made aware. We are the government so we must keep our leaders' feet to the fire.

That brings us to the new questions that GE&P will be addressing for the foreseeable future:

"Why is Berkeley County Water and Sanitation Authority installing water lines without the benefit of feasibility studies?"

"Why is Berkeley County Water and Sanitation Authority installing water lines at a cost that will take 60 years to recoup?"

"Why did the Berkeley County Water and Sanitation Authority spend $2.4 million to install a 7.1 mile water line that terminated on the front door step of a County Councilman who, at the time, just coincidentally, happened to be the chairman of the Water and Sanitation Committee on County Council?"

GE&P has done some research and is in possession of some very interesting documents pertaining to these questions. We will provide these documents and other information concerning this subject matter. Stay tuned.