Sunday, May 18, 2014


The more we hear the "experts" (those who are responsible for the tax) explaining reassessment, the sillier it gets. As a result of this yeas reassessment, many taxpayers are complaining that their property tax bills have gone up drastically and in most cases, that is true. Some "experts" say the increase is due to the fact that these particular taxpayers benefitted from the 15% cap on the last reassessment. Others say the increase is due to the fact that counties reassess in different years. However, all "experts" say it equals out in the end.

BUT, there is one question none of the "experts" have been able to answer to our satisfaction. That simple question is:

If this process is so fair and equals out over time, why, when the tax bills go UP,  they go UP by HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS, but, when they go DOWN, they go down by SINGLE DIGITS?

This scenario reminds us of a tale we once heard. The tale is about an old man who sharecropped cotton for a rich landowner. At the end of the season, the old man went in for his annual reckoning. After much figuring, the landowner announced that the old farmer had done a great job and had managed to break even that year.
The old man, astonished, asked, "Do you mean you won't be paying me ANYTHING extra?"
The landowner said, "Well, when we deduct the cost of the food you got from the company store this year AND the rent for your house I provide, AND those doctor bills for your kids last winter, there just isn't anything left.
The old man sat there in deep thought and finally said, "Well, maybe the wife and kids can go around the fence rows and on the ditch banks and, maybe, gather up another bale or two cause I was counting on getting the kids shoes and coats for winter."
Shocked, the landowner asked, "Do you mean to tell me you could possibly get two more bales out of your fields?"
The old man said, "Maybe."
The landowner said, "Well, in that case, we're going to have to refigure this whole thing."

Pretty much says it all, doesn't it?