Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Anymore, just watching the morning news is almost more than one can stand.  This morning was especially troubling:


In a news conference yesterday, the president, in answer to a question regarding whistle blowers on the Benghazi issues being threatened, said he knew nothing about it.  Meanwhile, the State Department said they had received no requests from any attorneys for clearance to review documents for any whistle blowers.  On the split screen was an attorney for a whistle blower with copies of two requests submitted two weeks ago.  Not the agency nor the president have the character to even be embarrassed at being caught in this lie.


The Obama administration has almost finalized their plans to provide lethal arms to the rebels fighting in Syria.  Knowledgeable sources say these rebels are Hamas.  What???????


In the government schools, there must be a doctor's statement provided by the student's parents on file for even a senior in high school to get two aspirin for a headache.  BUT, now the FDA has decided it's a good idea for PLAN B, the morning after abortion pill, to be sold over the counter to girls as young as 15.  This medication will be provided without the control and over site of either the parents or a doctor. Considering the potential negative side effects of this medication, we wonder how many little girls will have to end up on a steel table in the morgue before someone decides this is a bad idea?


It turns out the Boston bombers' family has been receiving every government handout on the books since they arrived in this country 10 years ago.  They received over $100,000 in Section 8 housing allowances alone.  Along with this, they got food stamps, welfare, school grants, scholarships and other government giveaways.  Oh great, we are now state sponsoring terrorism.

How much further down the drain can this country go?