Friday, March 30, 2012


It is time for a change in Berkeley County and I am proud to announce my candidacy for the Berkeley County Council district 3 seat.

Throughout my life I have had the privilege of wearing many titles. They include Vietnam veteran, volunteer firefighter, husband, father and grandfather. Another title that I proudly wear is that of Conservative Republican. I am a conservative Republican because I believe that the best way for our county to foster opportunity and remain competitive is through lower taxes and controlling government spending. After researching Councilman Bob Call's record, I was disappointed to discover that he is anything but a conservative. Mr. Call has routinely sided with the Democrats to be the pivotal vote for higher taxes, increased spending and was the deciding vote to close the Goose Creek Satellite office. In other words, he has not been representing the conservative values of his constituents.

If the voters of district 3 give me the privilege to serve as their County Councilman, I promise:

  • I will fight to return 100 percent of property tax relief money back to the taxpayers
  • I will fight to reopen the Goose Creek satellite office
  • I will fight to end the county practice of withholding tax revenues from the Berkeley County School District
  • I will fight for a more open, accountable and transparent county government.

I ask for your vote on Tuesday June 12th and I ask for your help. If you would be willing to volunteer for our campaign please contact me at 843-499-2244 or This is truly a grass roots effort and together we can take back our county.

God Bless

Ken Gunn

Candidate for Berkeley County Council District 3

Saturday, March 3, 2012


GE&P read with interest the story in this week's Berkeley Independent about Councilman Call's announcement that he intends to stand for re-election. Even more interesting, we enjoyed the comments posted to the story. This morning, when we went to the site to check for more comments, Glory Be, the story had seemingly disappeared. "Whas up wit' dat?"

UPDATE: We found the story on the back page. Click on "News" in the top banner.

Friday, March 2, 2012


GE&P has repeatedly contended that, on the whole, every SC redistricting process has devolved into a form of legalized segregation, even on the local level. Now, it seems GE&P has a bit of company in our assessment of the situation. Six Black voters have challenged the current SC redistricting plans submitted to DOJ by the state legislature. These plans concern the 124 State House districts and the 7 US Congressional districts.

Rep. Bakari Sellers, D-Denmark, has testified before the federal three-judge panel hearing the challenge that the redistricting process has "packed" certain districts with Black voters while leaving other districts comprised, almost entirely, of White voters. Rep. Sellers contends this process, in affect, "re-segregates" the voting districts in SC. Rep. Sellers is correct.

GE&P agrees completely with Rep. Sellers' contention that the redistricting process segregates our voting population but we disagree with his assessment as to the "WHY" of the process. Rep. Sellers stated the predominant factor used in the process was "race". GE&P contends, if we are to be completely accurate, the word "race" should be replaced with the words "Political Party".

On this issue, Liberals find themselves in somewhat of a conundrum. It is a demonstrated fact that Liberal Democrats, whether Black or White, have a great deal of difficulty getting elected in SC. Historically, these Liberals have stood a better chance of election if the voting block was predominately Black. Now, it would seem, this mindset is proving unacceptable to many Black voters.

For decades the Liberal leadership has taken the Black vote for granted. The leadership just "assumed" every Black voter would blindly follow the Liberal drumbeat and vote as they "should". Unfortunately for the Liberal leadership, many Black voters are voicing their resentment of this assumption. Consequently, we see the challenges to the redistricting plans.

If anyone needs to see irrefutable proof that "race" is no longer the predominate factor in SC elections, all one has to do is look at the results of the 1st Congressional race where Congressman Tim. Scott won, walking away, in an 80% White District. This result blows a big hole in the Liberal contention that a Black candidate cannot be elected in SC without gerrymandering of the District lines. The fact is that a Liberal Democrat cannot get elected in SC without gerrymandering the District lines.

These same Liberals would go into fits, and rightfully so, if anyone suggested that Blacks could only live in certain areas, only eat at certain restaurants, or only attend certain schools. Why, then, are they proposing that all Black citizens be restricted to only certain voting Districts? Liberal Democrats can claim no intellectual integrity in this argument. GE&P contends, if segregation is wrong in one situation, and it is, it is wrong in every situation.

GE&P has confidence that this panel of federal judges will stand with the citizens protesting this redistricting plan and rule that segregation on any level is WRONG and, therefore, UNACCEPTABLE.