Tuesday, August 21, 2012


It is common knowledge that DD has a vested interest in keeping Bob Call on County Council.  DD did his best to assure Call would win the Republican Primary.  He called in every favor to secure donations to the Call campaign.  When the voters of District 3 soundly rejected Call, DD's shock was palpable.  Being as Call had bungled the election so badly, it was time for DD to take things into his own hands.  It was time to sue; sue anybody, anywhere, any time.

Call (DD) sued the SCGOP, the BCGOP, the SC Election Commission, the BC Voter Registration (aka Election Commission), the BCRP Chairman, and the winner of the District 3 GOP Primary, Ken Gunn.

GE&P has spoken to scores of people directly connected to this situation.  The information we have received is shocking and as flabbergasting as it could get.  Since we have received this disturbing information from multiple sources, we have some questions for DD:

Did DD actually approach one Election Commission, personally, about getting the winner of the Republican Primary decertified, only to be told it was none of his business?

Did DD usurp the authority of the BC Election Commission by having someone in his administration hire an attorney for that defendant?

Who gave the instructions to the BC Election Commission's attorney and what were those instructions?

When, at the hearing (which looked like a lawyers' convention), a Motion To Dismiss was introduced by the attorney for the SC Election Commission, did one attorney for the defense really argue AGAINST it?  Anybody want to venture a guess as to which one?

And, last but certainly not least:

Why is DD so desperate?  Why is this tie vote so imperative?  What grizzly specter is lurking in the wings, awaiting its cue?  Looks like January 2013 will tell the tale.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Here's a little bit of news that will make Berkeley County taxpayers happy.  Last weekend, the SC Association of Counties held its Annual Conference.   The event is held at the Hilton on Hilton Head Island, not exactly your basic Motel 6.  Being as so many people attend, each person gets a discount rate of (minimum) $120.00 a day.  The conference lasts 3 days.  Members of the various County Councils and Supervisors etc., including Berkeley, usually attend.  The taxpayers foot this bill.  Added to this, each official is given per diem for their meals. This additional expense is covered by the taxpayers.

While attending this conference, these officials may take classes on various subjects having to do with county government.  These classes are not free and this expense is, also, paid for by the taxpayers.

One of the biggest general complaints about this function is that many of these officials don't attend any classes or forums but opt to play golf the whole weekend. That's another story.

The issue we will address today is the fact that Berkeley County Councilman, Call attended this latest conference. Having lost the primary to Mr. Gunn, Mr. Call will not be a seated Councilman in 4 months.  Why would the Supervisor approve spending the taxpayers' money for this lame duck Councilman to attend this event?

Monday, August 13, 2012


When Ken Gunn blew Bob Call out of the water in the District 3 primary election, the Conservatives were ecstatic, and rightfully so.  DD, not so much.  Gunn's win meant that the Conservatives will have a majority on BC Council come January.  During this primary campaign many issues were discussed, including:




It goes without saying, any discussion of these issues did not make DD smile.  DD made every effort to see to it that Call was successful in the election.  Judging from the list of donors to Call's campaign, which we intend to publish, DD must have called in every marker in his little black book.  Fortunately for the Conservative effort, DD failed.

Come January, DD will have no choice but to open all the records.  No longer will 4 Councilmen be denied access to records and information or, have their requests postponed indefinitely.   No longer will DD have the power  to squirrel away MILLION of dollars in excess tax revenue.  No longer will DD have a guaranteed voting majority for whatever he proposes. And, worst of all, a forensic audit is a foregone conclusion.

With these inevitabilities staring him in the face, it looks like DD is beginning to panic.  Call has filed suit against Ken Gunn, the BCRP, and the State GOP, the BC election Commission, and BCRP Chairman, Tim Callanan.  His suit claims that Gunn was not a legitimate candidate in the primary and that Chairman Callanan misrepresented the facts surrounding the GOP filing process.  Of course, Call wants Gunn's name taken off the ballot in November and replaced with his name. ( I wonder if there's any truth to the rumors that DD tried to use his influence to get this job done himself and was told by the Election Commission that it wasn't any of his business and to go away?)

It seems that Call can't seem to take the high road on anything, even this dirty trick. Before anyone was served, he notified the Berkeley Independent that HE had filed suit.  However, anyone familiar with this mess knows exactly who is behind it.

What's the big problem, Dan? What could the new majority find out about what you have been up to in the last 5 years?  What could they find out about your "projects"?  What could they find out about the MILLIONS you spent on "consultants"?  And, the biggest  question, what could a NEW AUDITOR discover about where all the money came from and where it went?

As GE&P has said before, we are not clairvoyant; we can simply see into the future.  We predict that DD has pushed the envelope a bit too far on this one and, according to evidence that has yet to be made public,  his actions will definitely come back to bite him.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Once again, the Post & Courier can't see the forest for the trees.   In this case, we are referring to the TTC Nursing school situation.

In a recent editorial, our intrepid daily placed the blame for Berkeley County failing to provide promised funding for the nursing school firmly at the feet of a divided County Council.  According to the editorial, the big argument stems from the question, "From what source will BC draw the promised funding?"  The writer supports his point by stressing that BC Council is divided into two schools of thought.

Being as we always like to be as helpful as possible, we would like to offer a story research suggestion, followed by the actual facts of this situation:

  • RULE ONE: When you decide to research a BC story idea,  be aware that you can't believe a word DD says. Consult someone who doesn't have a dog in the fight.
  • County Council IS, INDEED, divided but not in the manner implied.  Berkeley County Council now consists of 4 Conservatives, 2 Liberals and 2 Republicans In Name Only. (RINO)  The latter 4 Councilmen vote exactly as DD dictates. (The only exceptions to this process is when one or the other of the 2 Liberals want a freebee with which DD disagrees or they claim some sort of perceived discrimination.)  Otherwise, when you see the vote of these 4, you are looking at the wishes of DD.
  • Examine the time-line of this controversy.  You will notice the first "commitment" was made PRIOR to DD's re-election bid and DD led the charge.  He, also, made certain there was no formal Resolution adopted.  Even though the minutes clearly reflect a statement by Legal Council that BC has a firm "commitment" to this pledge, now that DD no longer needs the votes, he claims there was NO formal "COMMITMENT".  A blind man on a galloping horse could see what's going on here.
Originally, due to the state of the economy, GE&P disagreed with BC's participation in this project.  BUT, after the commitment was made, we should stick to it.  In the end, a man is only as good as his word.  The same applies to a County government and its leadership.