Thursday, January 30, 2014


Our founding fathers organized our government as they did for a good reason.  They established THREE branches to govern our new Republic, the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, and the Judicial Branch.  With this organization, each Branch established a "balance of power".  Each branch has the ability to "check" the power of the others.  Under this system, no one branch can have "absolute power". At least, that was the idea.  Today, not so much.

After the 2012 elections, it was revealed that the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) had targeted numerous "Conservative" organizations, prior to the elections, in order to limit the influence these organizations would have on the elections.  Being as the IRS "lives" inside the Executive Branch of government and operates under the control of same, reasonable minds asked if questionable actions taken by the IRS were at the bidding of the White house.  (These exact actions were part of the impeachment proceedings against Richard Nixon.  Fortunately, at that time, we had honest patriots heading the various departments who refused to cooperate with lawless actions.) As more and more Conservative targets stepped forward and complained, public outcry increased. Congress called for a formal investigation.

This matter was referred to the DOJ (Department of Justice) headed by Eric Holder who just happens to be a hand picked supporter of the Obama administration. Previous actions and non-actions of Holder prompted concerns as to whether the DOJ would conduct an adaquate and fair investigation of this matter.  These concerns, as it turns out, were not unfounded.  Preliminary facts gleaned from a Congressional hearing yesterday are as follows:

1. Mr. Holder assigned the case to an attorney who is a major Obama donor.

2. None of the Conservative complainants were ever interviewed.

3. And, the Washington Post has now reported that the criminal portion of the investigation has been closed.

Barack Hussein Obama takes great joy in describing situations like this one with the IRS as "PHONY SCANDALS".  He says the same thing about the murder of four Americans in Benghazi.  He added the situation with the NSA spying on millions of Americans to his list.  He even had the audacity to say there is no need for concern when it comes to the negative impact of ObamaCare on American lives.  As far as the President is concerned, none of these issues are deserving of any criticism.  Reality paints a different picture.

Taken separately, each of the Obama scandals are deeply concerning by not game changing.  Taken together, however, they could change the landscape of our Republic.

1.  Since his first election, President Obama has be busy "stacking" every court at every level, up to and including the Supreme Court.  Any President who, also, has control of the courts, has created a two thirds advantage in the balance of power.  Judging from some of the recent actions and non-actions of the highest court in the land, President Obama is achieving a certain level of success in his efforts.
2.  The DOJ is ultimately responsible for enforcing the law of the land.  When this entity is led by a person whose only goal is to protect and perpetuate the ideology of the president, "a nation of law", as opposed to "a nation of men", is in jeopardy.
3.  Finally, the President is threatening to bypass the Congress and create "Law" by fiat.

The simple definition of the balance of power is easy to understand.  The Legislature writes the "Law".  The Judiciary interprets the "Law", and the Executive branch enforces the "Law".  President Obama has already bastardized much of the Judiciary by encouraging "legislation from the bench" by activist judges.  He has "his guy" heading the DOJ so he can pick and choose which Laws he wants to either enforce or ignore.  He can, also, determine which citizens he will protect and which he will throw to the wolves.

Now, the President has threatened to use "the pen and the phone" to bypass the Congress on issues he wishes to put forward. If the President is allowed to control the courts, dictate which laws are enforced, and not only set policy but write Law by Executive Order, he will have established nothing short of DICTATORSHIP.

For these reasons alone, the 2014 elections will be the most critical elections in the history of our Republic.  Never before has our country faced more disastrous threats on so many levels.  America has faced and overcome serious threats in our past but never has the actual survival of the Nation been this seriously threatened from so many fronts.  Today, the very fabric of our Republic is being destroyed one thread at a time.

If Patriots can take control of the Senate and maintain or increase control of the House, the trend toward dictatorship can be stopped in its tracks.  Even if the President persisted in his efforts,  THE PEOPLE would never allow the Executive Branch of government to ignore the wishes of the Congress which is comprised of the representatives of THE PEOPLE.  This correction needs to be achieved BEFORE the President gets the mistaken idea that the military will back his efforts toward the goal of ONE MAN RULE.

Sunday, January 26, 2014



Sir, numerous times during your tenure as president, you have blamed Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, the Tea Party, and Conservatives in general for your failure to convince 100% of Americans that you are leading the country in the right direction.  You are correct that only your minions are buying what you are selling but you are wrong as to the reason behind this result.  Being as we here at Grits Eggs and Politics pride ourselves on being Patriots who wish to help where help is needed, we would like to remove your confusion by offering you the following information and clarification.

1. You do NOT have a communication problem.
2. This is NOT the fault of Fox News.
3. This is NOT the fault of Rush Limbaugh.
4. This is NOT the fault of the Tea Party.
5. This is NOT the fault of any Conservative.

Sir, with all due respect, your problem lies exclusively at the feet of Barack Hussein Obama. Thinking people (all non-Progressives) see your policies for what they are and  they want no part of them.  In your efforts to "fundamentally change America", you are violating the basic premises of our Constitution so all true Patriots reject your policies. It is as simple as that.

But we must add that we thank God Almighty that you are the President and that you are following the course you are following.  For over 100 years, Liberals/Progressives have been pursuing the same agenda as you only at a more incremental pace.  Many of us hardly even noticed as our country proceeded to go to hell in a hatbox.  Then came you.  You were not patient.  You wanted it all NOW. You took the big bite out of the apple and everyone noticed.  Your Socialist programs and policies slapped everyone right in the face and America woke up to reality.

Now, you are seeing the beginnings of the big push-back. And, Sir, you haven't seen anything yet.  The inconsequential voters living in fly-over country are now awake. Those who generally don't pay very much attention to what goes on in DC are getting focused.  They are angry that your Socialism is starting to negatively effect their lives. They are taking a page out of your book and they are organizing.  They are vetting candidates.  They are comparing voting records.  They are registering to vote.  AND, your party and supporters are painted into a corner from which there is no escape.  So the chips will fall where they may.  Have a Happy November.

Saturday, January 25, 2014


This week, American Lafrance, a builder of fire trucks, announced they would be pulling out of Berkeley County.  Any way you look at it, this is bad news.  The County will lose jobs and tax revenue.  Well, that's only half true.

As it turns out, like many other businesses in BC, American Lafrance was operating under a FILOT (fee in lieu of tax) agreement.  Many counties offer these agreements to lure businesses to their area. The county agrees to allow the business to pay a lower fee instead of the regular property tax rates.  This lowers the cost of doing business for the companies and makes locating in that area more attractive to businesses.  Most times, these fees slowly transition toward regular tax rates as the companies become established in the area.  A 20 year transition period is not unusual.

When American Lafrance came to BC, a FILOT was established.   Due to the wording of this agreement and the fact that another company was included, the agreement may not be legally enforceable against American Lafrance.  Six years ago, American Lafrance relocated from their original site to a smaller facility, still in BC. Last week the company announced that they were pulling out of BC.  It is rumored that the parent company has actually moved out of SC entirely.  This week it became public knowledge that American Lafrance is SIX YEARS in arrears with their FILOT payments to BC government.

The first question that comes to mind is:


Every homeowner knows that the infamous taxman will put you in the street and sell your house if you fail to pay your property taxes.  And it doesn't take 6 years for this to happen. Being as the FILOT is, in the final analysis, just a lower property tax, why should it be handled any differently? Why shouldn't it carry the same level of responsibility? Why should it not be handled with the same degree of severity? Why is BC government not concerned about potentially losing $650,000?

All these questions may cause some concern to some taxpayers.  Thank the Lord our Supervisor made a statement today to alleviate all of these concerns.  Our intrepid leader has county deputies guarding the empty, rented building where American Lafrance WAS located. The odds on bet is most of the equipment and fixtures were removed during the relocation move six years ago. So, don't worry, the empty building and the derelict truck sitting in an overgrown field nearby, are secure.

After consulting several sources familiar with this situation, there are only two scenarios to explain what happened.

1. Our Berkeley County government is completely inept.

2.  It was to someone's benefit to allow this agreement to fall through the cracks.

Either way you look at it, WE LOSE.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


In consideration of any new readers and the ones of us who have limited memories, we will provide some history on the subject we wish to discuss today.

In 2007, shortly after Supervisor Davis took office, he engaged the firm of Carter, Goble and Lee to do a 15 year facilities study of Berkeley County.  In March of 2008, the result of the study was presented to County Council.  This study recommended that some of the facilities presently situated at various locations be consolidated "under one roof".  These recommendations gave birth to the "Dan Davis Health and Human Services Campus".  This project, when completed, would cost the taxpayers of Berkeley County a minimum of $27 Million.  During the first phase of this project, new facilities would be built for DHEC, DSS, and HeadStart.

After the scheme for the DDH&HS Campus was hatched by the Supervisor, it was necessary to find a location for the proposed facility.  This process created yet another scandal.  The Supervisor decided he wanted to buy the "Old Fairground" property situated in the middle of Moncks Corner.  The asking price for this tract was $1.6 Million.  Also, the tract was twice the acreage deemed necessary for the project by the facilities study.  During the purchase process a number of questionable elements arose:

1.  The county (Mr. Davis) was willing to pay the asking price without any negotiation.
2.  Comparables used to justify the cost were from "asking prices" for unsold properties NOT the selling prices of sold properties.
3.  All value assessments were done in-house not by independent agents.
4.  Use assessments deemed half of the property as "unsuitable for construction".
5.  Confusion existed as to exactly who was the seller.
6.  Official county land records on the property became "unavailable" only to "re-appear" edited.
7.  If the asking price was valid, why did this property sit unsold for 12 years?

Regardless, the sale was pushed through and Berkeley County officially became the proud owner of this overpriced swamp.

Fast forward to the present.

Berkeley county owns the building where its administration offices are housed.  Berkeley County, also, owns the land on which its building sits.  Adjacent to the administration building is the building where the FoodLion used to operate.  That store went out of business a couple of years back and the building lies vacant.  The land on which this building sits is, also, owned by Berkeley County but the building is owned by others.  The land on which this building is situated is leased from Berkeley County at a rate of $50,000 a year.  In the lease documents is an agreement that, should the owners decide to sell the building, Berkeley County will be given the right of first refusal.  In other words, should the present owners decide to sell the building, Berkeley County would be given the opportunity to buy the building at the offered price before the potential buyer.

Recently, the FoodLion building was put on the market for sale.  In December the owners received an offer to buy for $350,000.  The assessed value of the building is in excess of $1 Million so, if the building should be purchased for $350,000, it would be equal to a fire sale price.  In the middle of December,  the owners of the building notified Berkeley County that they had received an offer to buy.  This notification gave Berkeley County 30 days in which to decide whether or not to purchase the building.  Unfortunately, and only by accident, the Supervisor forgot to notify County Council of the situation.  The first time Council learned of the potential sale was at the Council meeting on January 13, 2014.  This time-line gave Council 3 days to make a decision.

After the FoodLion moved out of the building next door to the administration building, there was a good deal of speculation that, should the building be offered for sale at a reasonable price, it would provide ideal space for all of the agencies slated to go into the proposed DDH&HS Campus but at a much more reasonable cost.  Since the FoodLion building has over 32,000 square feet of heated space, the feasibility of this conversion was determined to be excellent.

After the Conservative Council members got over the shock of this last minute announcement, they began to ask some questions.  One wanted to know the square footage of the building, suggesting it would be perfect for the relocation of the above mentioned agencies.  The Supervisor said the building was much too small to accommodate the agencies as the building had only 20,000 square feet of usable space. This statement was proven to be inaccurate.  Then the Supervisor, with the help of one of his minions, suggested the building was inadequate because the existing interior water lines were located in the wrong places. (we're still thinking about that one)

In his insistence to convince Council that this purchase is a bad idea, the Supervisor, also, pointed out that, if Berkeley County owned the building, they would lose the $50,000 of revenue realized from the lease fees.  He conveniently avoided mentioning the tens of millions of taxpayer dollars that would be saved by taking this route in lieu of new construction. Finally, when one member of Council inquired as to what arrangements could be made to inspect the building before any decision was made, the most intelligent member of Council pointed out that it was quite impossible to be granted access to any property prior to purchase. (we're thinking about that one, too)

In the end, Council secured a two week extension on the deadline to make a decision.  This will give them a bit of time to do some research on the issue.  The Supervisor was not happy with that outcome.  When several members of Council attempted to discuss the matter after the meeting, the Supervisor would only reiterate his desire not to take any steps that would vary from his original plan for the new "Campus".

In the past, Berkeley County government has been faced with similar situations.  At one time, the decision was made to save tax dollars by renovating the old K-Mart building which houses the administration offices today.  In choosing this route instead of opting for new construction, millions of tax dollars were saved. But we must remember, in those days we were dealing with a different administration, a different mindset, and a much different level of competence and integrity.

The entity desiring to buy this building is a tax-exempt, non-profit community service organization.  What are the odds that the $50,000 annual lease obligation can be met and, should the obligation become delinquent, what would be the chances that any eviction action would be successful?  Looks like somebody wants Council in a box with no trap door.