Friday, November 26, 2010


On the off chance you haven't heard yet, a high level Berkeley County elected official has been caught in a rather embarrassing position. This official is being sued for divorce by a wronged spouse. It seems this official was caught "red handed ?" with a long time "friend". The confusing part is that almost every living soul in Berkeley County, with the possible exception of the spouse, knew about the affair for years.

Normally, GE&P would not waste one drop of ink on such disgusting, salacious behavior, but as usual, there's more to the story.

It seems this unfortunate revelation didn't just happen yesterday. The blow-up happened some months ago and the elected official paid off the offended spouse to keep quiet until after the Nov. 2nd election. Isn't that sweet?

GE&P has established a firm position on this issue: The original bad behavior falls far beneath the moral and ethical standards of the majority of Berkeley County voters. But more importantly, for this official to deliberately pull the wool over the eyes of these same voters by promising to 'sweeten the pot' with the divorce settlement if the spouse remained silent until after the election, goes beyond the pale. This level of manipulation and deceit has no place in Berkeley County.

"If your spouse cannot trust you, why should the taxpayers?"

Thursday, November 18, 2010


By now, we suppose all of you have received your invitation to the big event. On the slim chance you haven't heard about it, allow us to fill you in. Ambassador Robert Royall is throwing a big shindig at his Silk Hope plantation "honoring" our very own Supervisor, Dan Davis. The invitation contains, in small print, the fact that contributions between $250 and $1000 will be gratefully appreciated. Please make all checks out to the Dan Davis reelection campaign.

It is really amusing how the truth will always come out. You see, there is more to the story. Everyone in Berkeley County has seen the photo, released by Bob Call, of Dan Davis standing in Democrat Caldwell Pinckney's living room on election night, helping Mr. Pinckney celebrate his win over his Republican challenger in the Council District 7 race. Even the willing accomplice, the Berkeley Independent, tried to convince everyone, by implication, that the photo in question was taken at the Cross Community Center upon a different occasion. It wasn't.

Now Mr. Davis is receiving this great honor from none other than Ambassador Royall, appointee of both Gov. Beasley and President Bush. Good, strong Republican, right? Wrong. This is the same Ambassador Royall who supported and campaigned for none other than Vincent Sheheen during the last election.

Isn't it interesting how these "republicans" with a small "r" (we like to refer to them as RINOS) stick together? In fact, the only reason these people put an "R" behind their names on the ballot is that, otherwise, they could not be elected to any office of any consequence in Berkeley County. It would serve the voters well to remember this the next time they step into the voting booth. Unless, of course, some voters simply enjoy being played for fools.