Thursday, August 26, 2010


At last Monday night's County Council meeting, several of the county volunteer fire departments submitted a request for some additional funding. The amounts of money for each station were not exorbitant. The largest amount was $22,000. These funds were earmarked for such things as hoses and helmets, as the existing hoses leak and the helmets the firefighters are using now are of last century's vintage.

Well, "some" of the Councilmen sprang into action. They wanted an itemized list of the expenditures. According to one Councilman, "We have to insist on transparency on this request". That started an extensive discussion among "some" of the Council. These Councilmen grilled a volunteer fireman who was in attendance and happened to have an itemized list of the materials needed. These few Councilmen wanted "justification" for the request.

GE&P sat there listening to this dog and pony show. We couldn't help but be amazed at the hypocrisy. In 2008, when Mr. Pinckney introduced the contract for his $2.24 MILLION water line to his front door, there was virtually NO discussion, let alone dissension. When the subject of Mr. Steve Davis' "courthouse and library in St. Stephen that he can be proud of", (this will cost the taxpayers over $3.5 MILLION) there were no protests about this budget item.

BUT, when the people who protect our very lives ask for some little piddly amount of money to purchase vital equipment for their jobs, these same Councilmen want to be assured as to the use of every single penny of the request. Has anyone ever heard the story about the man who strained at a gnat and then swallowed a camel?