Tuesday, December 8, 2009


GE&P will only post factual information as such. We realize that a lot of people will read this post and say, "There is no way this can be true." But, we can assure you that every word of this post is true and factual.

GE&P has learned that BCW&SA has notified County Council that there is a "situation" with their budget process that will prevent them from providing any numbers for next year's budget in a timely manner. BCW&SA has asked that Council just go ahead with the first reading of next year's budget in April, WITHOUT ANY NUMBERS. Then, Council is expected to go ahead with the second reading in May, WITHOUT ANY NUMBERS. But BCW&SA has assured Council that they will provide numbers no later than a week before third reading in June. Excuse us?

Shame on GE&P for being so skeptical. Everyone knows how honest and above board BCW&SA has been about the Hwy. 311 water project. We all know that all the FOIA requests on the subject have been provided to everyone's satisfaction. We all know all the questions of Council on the subject have been answered. We all know the $2.4 million was spent for a needed project. Right? Right.

Exactly how stupid does BCW&SA think we are? Do they expect us to sign the check and they will fill in the amount at some later date? When pigs fly.

We would invite all to look at the calendar for 2010. If Council should agree to follow this plan, the third reading of this budget would be on the fourth Monday in June. Just by coincidence mind you, the Republican primary is on the FIRST Tuesday in June. Again, just by the strangest of circumstances, the good people of Berkeley County would be called upon to decide whether or not they want to re-elect the supervisor TWO WEEKS BEFORE the budget numbers are made public. Hmmmmmm.

Now GE&P would like to inform the taxpayers of BC of a RUMOR that is circulating around the county. It seems that Fuller Brush Inc. is becoming very interested in the rumor that BCW&SA has been playing fast and loose with CDBG money. In case everyone doesn't know, these funds come, by way of the state, from the federal government. But, don't worry, it's just a rumor. Knock, knock, knock. We're from the government and we're here to help you.