Sunday, July 28, 2013


This post falls into the category of "A little knowledge can be dangerous".  Also, this account supports the theory that there exists a portion of the population known as "low information voters".  All in all, this post exhibits just how gullible some people can be when a few dollars are waved under their collective noses.

We are referring to the choreographed support DD received from a portion of the audience at last Thursday's County Council meeting.  This approximately 1/4 of those gathered were uninformed County employees summoned there to support DD's purposed 2013/2014 budget which includes a 3% across the board raise for all County employees.

When DD mentioned the 3% raise, this 1/4 erupted in applause.  When DD "explained" the raise should be taken from those Economic Development funds generated by the LOST and not from the general fund, this 1/4 erupted in applause.  When DD maintained that a simple COLA would not be a good idea, the same 1/4 erupted in applause.  Of course, there was a small minority present who realized the absolute absurdity of it all.

Realizing fully the futility of attempting an explanation, we shall proceed.

A "raise" is just that.  It is a one time event. If a straight 3% raise across the board is implemented, does anyone realize the magnitude of this raise for the head honchos who have had their salaries explode since DD took over?  The first year DD was in office, he increased his salary by 20%. He vehemently denies this fact but the public records don't lie.  Department heads have seen massive increases, many of which have been hidden from public view.  One department head who now "wears two hats" received a $6000 raise in one year.  Legal realized equivalent increases, for "some".   Meanwhile, the $40,000 a year salary for the folks who actually do all the work has remained stagnant.  Is there anyone in this category who truly believes anyone in DD's inner circle works harder or is more productive than you, and, therefore, deserves this discrepancy in compensation?

However, if a COLA is implemented, it means just that, a Cost Of Living Increase.  With a COLA, if rising prices justifies it again next year, another COLA could be implemented without argument.

It may seem of little concern to some as to the origin of funds to pay for any salary increase but where the funds come from should be of vital concern to every taxpayer.  Some on Council want these monies to come out of the general fund.  The general fund is unambiguous. The majority of this revenue is paid as obligatory taxes.  There is no gray area.  BUT, DD wants the necessary funding to come from the LOST (Local Option Sales Tax) funds, which has of late been housed in Economic Development.

On the outside chance that some mentally deficient person out there doesn't know about the origin of these funds, we are referring to the 29% of your property tax relief that DD confiscated a few years ago.  When this particular Local Option Sales Tax was implemented, it was with the understanding and commitment that ALL of the proceeds would go toward property tax relief.  But, being as state law allows local governments to TAKE 29% of this relief if they so choose, DD couldn't resist the temptation to STEAL this money from the taxpayers of BC.

At the original TAKING, DD said he desperately needed this money for a matching funds loan from the State Infrastructure Bank.  He promised he would only need this money for ONE YEAR (check the minutes of the council meeting).  But, as was predicted, once he got his greedy hands on the extra money, the taxpayers were doomed.  That portion of the tax relief was gone until he lost control of council.  First the money was absolutely, positively necessary for the matching funds lie. Then, it was absolutely, positively necessary for capital improvement projects.  At present, these funds are in a "slush fund" to be used for whatever DD desires. (check the minutes of last Thursday's council meeting)

NOTE:  Our regular readers and followers can stop right here.  Your acquired knowledge of the facts, not to speak of your intellectual quotient, precludes your need for these instructions.

Now comes the hard part for those of you out there who find it difficult to walk and chew gum at the same time.  Admittedly,  it will involve a Herculean task on your part, but try to connect the dots:


1. DD wants to use the 29% of the LOST to fund a one time pay raise for BC employees.
2. This 29%,  before he STOLE it,  was used to lower your property tax burden.
3. After he STOLE this 29%, your tax bill INCREASED.
4. Now, DD wants to partially return, in the form of a pay raise, YOUR money that he STOLE.
5. In simple terms, you are getting a raise with your own STOLEN money.
6. This one time pay RAISE gives you no guarantee for next year.


1.  Provide a COLA to all employees leaving the possibility of future increases.
2.  Fund the COLA with monies from the non-controversial general fund.
3.  Return the portion of the LOST monies not hopelessly encumbered by DD this year. (approx. 9%)
4.  Untangle the can of worms created by DD so the remainder of the 29% can be refunded next year.
5.  End Result: Employees below the Zillion dollar pay level will realize the equivalent of the 3% raise and, ALSO get back their 29% property tax relief which means LOWER PROPERTY TAX BILLS.

We defy anyone who employes the slightest measure of intellectual integrity to challenge the reasoning of the opposition plan.  Only those with self interest will not agree that this plan will be beneficial to the long term economic benefit of the county and its taxpayers.

It goes without question that DD and the folks who are to benefit from his plan will attack this post from every angle.  We do not ask that anyone blindly accept the statements made here.  The public records that support our claims are readily available.  Do the research for yourselves.  If, in the end, you are drawn into this charade, you have no one to blame but yourselves.

DD is in a state of panic considering the fact that he no longer has the votes to run the finances of BC unilaterally.  Other than DD himself, only God knows how many financial skeletons are buried in BC government.  Won't it be entertaining when all those bones start to rattle?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


The newest Samual Adams beer commercial is in the news now for mis-quoting the US Declaration of Independence by omitting the words "endowed by their Creator".  Everybody and their grandmother has an opinion as to why the commercial was made the way it was.  Some think this is yet another effort to remove God from the culture.  Some think it was a justified effort to separate Church and State.  Some think the company was simply following established Rules against using religion to promote products. In our humble opinion, all these people are over thinking this issue.  The actual reality is that this is sloppy creativity.

It was a deliberate action for the writers of this commercial to incorporate an historic document into their advertisement vehicle.  They should have been responsible enough and astute enough to know any variation from the exact historical text would face widespread criticism. As a result of their carelessness, the product they created turned out to sound really stupid.

What would be the reaction to "Romeo, Oh, Romeo, do you want fries with that?";  or, "Now, Voyager, start your engines."; or "As American as Italian loafers."

Well known quotes from historical document, poems, works of literature, and coined phrases are well known for a reason.  These words are usually profound and meaningful. They convey a message with few words and stick in the mind.  There is almost always a context.  Deviation is, therefore, frowned upon.

Unfortunately, there is nothing new upon the earth.  How many people support "an eye for an eye" and ignore "turn the other cheek"?