Wednesday, April 30, 2014


We decided to play a little game today. Here's the way it goes. You, the reader, must pretend that you are the top man and decision maker of a major national news organization. You walked into your office this morning and there was copy for two items on your desk and you had to pick the lead story for the day and the week.  Remember now, you are a professional with decades of news gathering and reporting experience. You can recognize and differentiate, from a mile away, a "fill" story from one that is of vital importance to this nation.

The first copy, complete with tape recordings, depicts an 81 year old man making racist remarks to his girlfriend. This old man owns a major sports team. However, this copy does NOT depict the first time this old fart has displayed this kind of disgusting racist behavior.  This man has been brought on the carpet several times prior for the same and similar offenses. He was even brought to court, convicted, and fined huge amounts of money for his racist behavior. So, the story here is that he did it, again.

Your second choice is copy, complete with stacks of corroborating emails, proving that the President of the United States and his top advisors conspired to and DID defraud the American people concerning the murder of four Americans, including our ambassador, in a foreign outpost, Benghazi. The emails prove conclusively that this administration, for purely political reasons, planned, organized, and executed a false account of the events in Benghazi. As the Benghazi event disproved many of the President's contentions during the campaign and it occurred a short two months prior to the presidential election, the administration knew this could be disastrous to the President's re-election bid. These facts are noted in the emails. The contrived story was later proven, by facts and testimony, to be 100% false. These latest emails prove a conspiracy of lies by this administration, including the President.

Our founding fathers knew that a free press was vital to the survival of our Republic. The mission of a free press was intended to protect the citizenry from an over-reaching, tyrannical government. Our founders, obviously, never envisioned that the majority of the press would voluntarily sell out the people and the country. But, it would appear that is exactly what has happened.

If you watch or read the MSM this week, all you see is wall to wall coverage of a disgusting little old man, accompanied by loops of his recorded venom. Is his behavior disgusting?  Yes.  Are people sick and tired of this kind of behavior?  Yes.  BUT, where's the huge news flash in finding out that a known racist has made more racist remarks?

On the other hand, finding proof that the President of the United States deliberately lied to not only the people of the United States but to the world, seems to be of no import to the MSM. It will be interesting to see the story count of these two items at the end of the news cycle. With the corruption of the Fourth Branch of Government, it makes one doubt the survival of this Great Experiment.