Saturday, February 23, 2013


As each day passes, it becomes more apparent that 2013 will prove to be a bad luck year for DD.  For years, everything has been very simple and convenient for his agenda.  Now, the worm has turned. He has lost his former 4/4 split vote on Council and he has lost control.  BUT, don't think for a moment he will take this turn of events lying down.  If there is any doubt in your mind, just take a look at what he is trying to do with the Clerk of Council office.

The acting Clerk of Council has been out on sick leave for a while.  DD has taken it upon himself to replace her with a person of his choosing from his legal department.  Although DD claims this person was put in place only on a temporary basis, her former position in the legal department has been posted as a vacant position to be filled.

This action is in direct violation of State Law.

SECTION 4‑9‑110. Council shall select chairman and other officers;  terms of office; appointment of clerk;  frequency and conduct of meetings;  minutes of proceedings.

    The council shall select one of its members as chairman, except where the chairman is elected as a separate office, one as vice‑chairman and such other officers as are deemed necessary for such terms as the council shall determine, unless otherwise provided for in the form of government adopted.  The council shall appoint a clerk to record its proceedings and perform such additional duties as the council may prescribe.  The council after public notice shall meet at least once each month but may meet more frequently in accordance with a schedule prescribed by the council and made public.  All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with the general law of the State of South Carolina affecting meetings of public bodies.  Special meetings may be called by the chairman or a majority of the members after twenty‑four hours' notice.
    The council shall determine its own rules and order of business.  It shall keep a journal in which shall be recorded the minutes of its proceedings which shall be open to public inspection.

Now, you low information voters out there may be wondering why this action by DD should amount to a hill of peas.  Well, there are some important issues connected to who controls the Clerk's office.

  • Does anyone recall the "burn your house down" issue?  There are controversial minutes connected to that.
  • Does anyone recall the Accommodations Tax Board issue?  There's jail-time connected to that. 
Now that control of Council has slipped from DD's grasp, there are numerous critical issues in jeopardy of exposure.  His latest actions are but his first desperate attempts at CYA.  Expect more "any old port in a storm" behavior.

Friday, February 8, 2013


The following article appeared in several newspapers.   

Guest Speaker: Daniel W. Davis, Berkeley County Supervisor

Daniel "Dan" Davis has lived in South Carolina for 58 years. Mr. Davis earned a B.A. and a M.A. from the University of South Carolina. Mr. Davis believes in efficient, effective and equitable provision of county services. Locally, he supports fiscal conservatism and resources which support providing meaningful employment to all citizens. Davis has spearheaded efforts to reduce county debt, implement a Capital Improvement Program, develop a Community Facilities Plan and update Berkeley County's Comprehensive Plan.
 Event Sponsors

Alcoa Mt. Holly

Michael Baker Jr., Inc.

South Carolina Federal Credit Union - North Charleston

Trident Health


Berkeley County Water & Sanitation

Coastal Air Solutions
The questions are: 
How can the Berkeley County Water and Sanitation Authority support this event or, for that matter, any event, when the Law clearly says such expenditures are illegal?

The support/funding comes from which one of the three divisions? 

There is hereby created an agency of Berkeley County to be designated as the Berkeley County Water and Sanitation Authority (the "authority").
The authority shall consist of a water department, sewer department, and solid waste department and shall be responsible for the acquisition and distribution of supplies of fresh water, the collection, treatment, and disposal of wastewater, and the collection and disposal of solid waste, including resource recovery and recycling. The cost of operation of the water and sewer activities shall be defrayed entirely by the revenues derived from the operation of the water and sewer systems and such revenues shall not be used for any other purpose. The cost of operation of solid waste activities shall be defrayed entirely by the revenues derived from the operation of the solid waste system and such revenues shall not be used for any other purposes.
This is a prime opportunity for the five Conservative votes on County Council to LEAD.  It is not necessary to create a public confrontation.  They should simply notify this administration that this kind of activity will no longer be tolerated.  Then, if the situation is not corrected, go public.  Also, insist that any monies paid be returned.  The taxpayers (voters) ARE watching.

Monday, February 4, 2013


Why can't life be simple; good or bad, black or white, right or wrong?  Unfortunately, here on earth, nothing is so cut and dry, leaving us with only the understanding and hope that the concept of heaven encompasses this probability.

Last Saturday we encountered one of these questionable events and we are still mulling as to whether the result was positive or negative. We are referring to the resignation of the Berkeley County Republican Party Chairman, Tim Callanan.

On the one hand, we agree that every effort should be made to install State Senator, Larry Grooms into the open 1st Congressional District seat.  Larry is the best choice by far.  Larry has a consistent Conservative record so we can anticipate that he will maintain Senator Scott's policies. Now that Councilman Callanan's expertise has been added to the campaign, Senator Groom's odds of winning have gone up exponentially.  This is a very good thing for Berkeley County.

But, on the other hand, by adding to the possibility of a win for the Groom's campaign, we have to endure a huge loss to the Berkeley County Republican Party and the Executive Committee.  Since the Rules dictate that the Chairman cannot endorse or exclusively work for one candidate over another during a contested primary, Chairman Callanan was compelled to resign his Chairmanship.

Four years ago, when Chairman Callanan was elected Chairman for the first time, Berkeley County had a broken, dysfunctional GOP organization.  Decades of ineffective leadership had resulted in low membership and an organization that garnered little to no respect from other counties or the state leadership.   After only two terms in office, Chairman Callanan had elevated the BCRP to heights never dreamed of by Conservatives in BC.

The BCRP now follows actual Rules and Ethics Standards.  The finances of the Party are now at levels never before seen.  There is now a finance committee to oversee the process.  Membership and active participation are now at an all time high. Any citizen of BC is now welcome to join and participate. The BCRP organization is now acknowledged by the higher-ups to be a dependable cog in the GOP wheel.

Admittedly, Chairman Callanan had a lot of help accomplishing the improvements realized by the BCRP in the last four years, but, had it not been for the expert leadership of the Chairman, it is doubtful that the change would have been as profoundly positive as it has been.  Chairman Callanan has devoted countless hours to the Party and should be given the lion's share of the credit for the well oiled machine we enjoy today.

This is the crux of the dilemma we are experiencing.  The Grooms campaign's gain is the BCRP's loss. We can only hope that Councilman Callanan will still have the time to actively participate in our Reorganization and Convention process, if not as Chairman, at least as an individual.  Maybe if we all help Tim's efforts by doing  what we do best and get out there and get Larry elected, Tim will find it possible to return the favor.

Friday, February 1, 2013


WARNING: This subject will take a while so fix yourself a cup of coffee and get comfortable.

It is fairly rare that any issue causes GE&P as much inner conflict as does the fact that Mark Sanford has opted to throw his hat into the ring for the 1st District Congressional race. Having everybody and their grandmother file for the seat was bad enough.  Judging from recent history, this herd will totally eviscerate one another during the primary and, consequently, give the Democrats more than enough ammunition for the general election. But, we digress.

Before we get to the point of our conflict, let us make a few facts perfectly clear.  We have kept a very close eye on Mr. Sanford's career since he first went to Washington.  In essence, we have agreed with all of his policies.  Virtually without fail, his political positions have been grounded in solid Conservative principles.  The few issues on which we had exception are hardly worth a mention.

During his time in Washington, Mr. Sanford understandably received resistance and endless criticism from the Liberal quarter, but he, also, received more than his share of flak from his fellow GOP members due to the fact that he chose not to "go along to get along".  Sadly, this resulted in him being forced to sacrifice his effectiveness in order to maintain his principles. Unfortunately, toward the end of his tenure, Mr. Sanford was unjustly relegated to virtual political obscurity by his own party.  Although he received much local criticism for this outcome, GE&P's admiration and respect for the man was only increased.

Mr. Sanford's years in the Governor's mansion reflected this same tenacity.  He had a firm understanding of the issues that impacted South Carolina and he refused to "compromise" his Conservative principles. The wrath of the legislature came down on his head more times than once when, for example, Mr. Sanford chose to refuse "free money" from Washington.  In the long run, Mr. Sanford was proven correct and his policies sound. All in all, Mr. Sanford was a voice in the wilderness for true Conservatism.

Then, like a bolt from the blue, the Sanford train went off the tracks.  In retrospect, although we were profoundly, personally disappointed, Mr. Sanford's personal life should have been just that, personal.  All of the controversial  issues should have been between Mr. Sanford and his family.  However, the scandal went beyond his personal life.  There was the issue of him being AWOL from his elected position and this WAS and SHOULD HAVE BEEN of concern to the taxpayers. Even though this activity would have surely been career ending, we are confident that the majority of his supporters would have taken his emotional turmoil into consideration before making personal judgements.

But, just as all concluded that the situation had gotten as bad as it could get, it went from bad to worse and then to nightmare status. Regardless of whether the "damage control" strategy that followed the revelation of the scandal was devised by Mr. Sanford or by his "handlers", it was an unmitigated disaster.  The Liberal news media was waiting just like a wake of buzzards and Mr. Sanford voluntarily offered up the carrion. Each and every night for what seemed like eternity, the evening news gleefully presented a new interview or press conference featuring Mr. Sanford revealing fresh and titillating information about his indiscretion. This mini-series became, literally, too painful to watch.  Now, it would appear that we are condemned and sentenced to the sequel.

Few would disagree that the time frame surrounding this scandal was the most humiliating period in South Carolina's political history.  One would think that at least one of "the many supporters who are urging Mr. Sanford to reenter the political stage" would have mentioned not the probability, but the inevitability, that the Liberal news media would certainly seize this opportunity, once again, to degrade and embarrass South Carolina and the GOP, should Mr. Sanford run for any office . To deliberately hand the media this kind of ammunition is beyond comprehension.   Is there anyone out there with three brain cells to rub together who doesn't know the media will have a hay day if they are handed an opportunity of this magnitude?

This is the crux of our conundrum.  We readily agree that Mr. Sanford has the political credentials and Conservative fiscal policies to satisfy the most right-wing voter among us, BUT, in the area of personal judgement, he is a train wreck. For him to be politically viable without repercussions to the people of South Carolina, he would have to step forward and offer for office in some parallel universe.  Much more than the several years that have passed would be necessary for the stark memories of this scandal to have faded.

It is unfortunate and such a terrible waste that a man of such incredible talent and expertise should have put himself into the position of becoming so tainted and damaged.  As painful as it is to acknowledge,  Mr. Sanford is exhibiting the same poor and selfish judgement as he did when he took us along as unwilling tourists on his trip to Argentina.  We sit here on the porch swing watching a three year old build a ramp for his Big Wheel.  We know he is heading for a broken arm but the child is saying, "This time I'll really fly, Grandma."  Correction: The people of SC are headed for the broken arm, again.