Thursday, October 24, 2013


Marco Rubio stands with the Tea Party on most issues, with immigration not being one of them.  On immigration issues, Rubio is far left of the Tea Party.  This week Rubio introduced a bill in the senate to postpone ObamaCare for a year.  As it stands now, the issue of ObamaCare is turning into a death nell for all Democrats who are standing for reelection in 2014. Republicans who criticized Cruz and the House Tea Party Republicans during the CR debates find themselves in the same boat. Since the rollout of ObamaCare has been such a debacle, these Republicans are going to have to answer a lot of uncomfortable questions.  Specifically, here in SC, Graham is getting more than a bit of pushback.

If a Republican introduces a bill to delay ObamaCare and it passes with Republican support, the Democrats can say the bill is "bipartisan".  This would take a LOT of heat off the Democrats and would lessen the impact of the issue in 2014.  On the other hand, if the Democrats are  forced to introduce a bill to delay ObamaCare themselves, they will own the toxic issue outright. How can they explain away their opposition just three weeks ago, to the point of "shutting down" the government? And how will the Republicans who so violently attacked Cruz and the House Tea Party Republicans, extricate themselves from criticism from their voters?

How would it work if the Republicans in question went to Rubio, a Tea Party favorite, and made a little deal?  "Hey, Marco, if you will introduce this bill and get some of the heat off us, then we will support the "Comprehensive Immigration" bill Obama is proposing". There we go, again, with the conspiracy theories, you know, like ObamaCare.


Prior to October 1, 2013, the Conservative Republicans in the House and a precious few Conservative Republicans in the Senate unsuccessfully attempted to convince the Obama administration to postpone 
the launch of ObamaCare. The President, the Senate majority, and even some not so conservative Republicans fought these patriots at every turn in the road. The Conservative Republicans in the House put forward numerous versions of “delay” bills only to have them ignored by the Senate leadership and Harry Reid would not even bring these bills up for a vote. The Administration and the Senate Democrats thought this issue of such import that they, in essence, caused the so called “government shutdown". 

Fast forward to October 1, 2013 and the “launch” of ObamaCare. Everything that could go wrong DID go wrong, just as the Conservative Republicans predicted. Access to the site was and still is virtually impossible. Applicants who do gain access to the site either have their personal information mishandled and misdirected or receive erroneous premium quotes. Premiums are exponentially higher than advertised. Even something as simple as the calculator on this site malfunctions.

Additionally, hundreds of thousands of existing health insurance policy holders have received notices from their insurers that the policies they are happy with now do not meet the criteria of ObamaCare and these policies will be cancelled as of January 1, 2014. In the state of Florida alone, 300,000 people received these termination letters. This element of the scandal is in its genesis so the number of those affected is growing daily.

For almost two years, that mean old “radical” group in the House and the few in the Senate that represents the dreaded Tea Party have warned of these consequences of ObamaCare. Their warnings have been ridiculed by the Left as being “racist”. These Patriots have been accused of everything from “wanting to starve children” to wanting to “throw granny off the cliff”. These Patriots have been attacked in every scurrilous manner imaginable. The American people they represent have been equally maligned.

As long as the reality of ObamaCare was a thing of the future, the Left could ignore the facts. But, now ObamaCare is a living, breathing entity upon which even the alphabet media can no longer cast a blind eye. The earth is no longer flat and the moon is no longer made of green cheese. It is now apparent to all that ObamaCare is a colossal failure. More importantly for the Conservatives, as it stands now, the Left is the exclusive owner of this disaster.

The record clearly shows that the Conservative Republicans did their level best to warn America of the oncoming train wreck. These Patriots went so far as to put their careers and reputations on the line to save the country from this disaster. To put it bluntly, to protect this country from ObamaCare, the Tea Party representation in DC did everything except stand in from of an actual firing squad organized by the Left. Wouldn't one think, as the 2014s creep ever closer, the Right would recognize the gift that has been given to them?

Obviously not. Already, Marco Rubio has foolishly introduced a bill in the Senate to postpone ObamaCare for a year. This move deserves no other descriptive adjective short of “STUPID” because the success of this bill would give the Left an exit strategy. Why can't the Right be smart enough to just stand there with their mouths CLOSED. Let the disaster roll on for a couple more weeks till the Left can no longer stand the heat. THEN, when the Left proposes a bill to postpone this debacle, the Right can successfully ask questions like, ”We agree that this law is a complete disaster but please tell us exactly what has changed since you shut the government down three weeks ago to prevent a delay?” and “Did not the warnings from the vicious, radical, 'Tea Party' Republicans in both the House and the Senate, outlining the reality of this law, fall on deaf ears before the shutdown?”. The possibilities are endless. With ammunition like this, it is more than conceivable the Conservative Republicans could sweep the 2014 elections. Not only could they unseat the Democrats up for reelection but they could purge the party of the squishy, unreliable “so called” Republicans who failed to support the Conservatives on this and other issues.

Considering the fact that the main street media and the public are turning against the law and the record clearly shows the Conservative Republicans were correct in their assessment of the law, it's not a stretch for the rational mind to think that EVERY Democrat (and the not so conservative Republican) incumbent who supported the rollout of ObamaCare could face a rather dubious reelection effort.

We are all cognizant of the “career politics” system. The Republicans(?) who either failed to support the Conservatives, or actually worked against them, must feel rather uneasy at this point. And they should. As it stands now, if the Democrats fail in their reelection attempts in 2014, so do these Republicans(?). Now, we should all be on the alert for sabotage moves, initiated by the so called Republicans who actively vilified the Tea Party groups in the House and the Senate.

Any attempt to nullify the advantage now held by the true Conservative Republicans, by offering a Republican(?) bill, should be resisted at every opportunity. This country is at a tipping point on so many levels. Allowing a few career politicians, no matter which party, to preserve their positions by removing an advantage from statesmen who wish to preserve the Republic by disallowing this administration to continue its policy insanity, is totally unacceptable.

I urge every true Conservative Republican to expose any such effort AND the Republican(?) who puts it forward. Reject any Republican(?) bill that will remove accountability from the Left. Make this a PUBLIC strategy. Take the “Republicans want SS to whither on the vine” page from the Democrats' play book. During every TV or radio interview, stress that the Conservatives were correct about ObamaCare and the Left was dead WRONG. Drive it in the ground and break it off. Our Republic is at stake and our Republic must be preserved even at the peril of a few political careers.

UPDATE:  NJ just announced that an estimated 800,000 people will receive cancellation letters from their insurance carriers next week.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Our government leaders, especially in DC, have lost sight of a few possible reactions to their stupidity.

FACT #1.  These folks in DC, overcome with their own importance, have "shut down the government".  In actuality, the government is still chugging right along.  The only changes that have happened make no sense at all.

  • All national monuments have been closed, even the open air ones that require no output of expense.  Actually, it has cost more money to cordon the places off than it cost to keep them open. 
  • The Grand Canyon has been "closed".  Exactly how does one accomplish that?  Anyone who has ever visited the Grand Canyon knows there are countless overlooks on the sides of the roads that run along the edge of that hole. Private helicopter and small airplane tours still fly over the thing every day.
  • Catholic chaplains in the Armed Forces have been forbidden to celebrate mass, administer sacraments, or even council any military personnel and have been threatened with arrest should they do so.  Chaplains of all other denominations are under the same threat should they conduct their services.
  • Parking lots and walking paths have been roped off at sites that are NEVER manned. 
  • Sections of the Gulf of Mexico have been put "off limits" to fishing.  These idiots have even closed Biscayne Bay in Miami, disallowing charter fishing boats from passing through to the ocean. How well do you think that's working?
  • The majority of federal workers are still on the job or, if not, will receive their paycheck anyway
  • Now, the feds are forcing PRIVATE BUSINESSES that are located on LEASED federal land to close their doors.  This is being done by FORCE, Folks.

FACT #2.  There are way more of us than there are of them.

There are some verifiable "rumors" going around that a large group of truckers are planning a protest in DC this coming weekend.  This protest is a result of the insane policies and behavior of our government. As the story goes, these demonstrators plan on actually "shutting down DC".  What can DC do to prevent this?  Well, they could set up roadblocks and prevent all large trucks from entering the city. That would stop the protest BUT it would, also, stop the delivery of groceries, gas, and every other essential commodity you could name.  Wouldn't that achieve the same result desired by the demonstrators just using a different route? 

And, even more profound, what would happen if even half of the truckers in the country decided to call in sick for a couple of days? How long would it take for the store shelves to empty?  How long would the supply of gas for your car last? Remember the old saying: IF YOU EAT IT, WEAR IT, TOUCH IT, OR USE IT, IT WAS BROUGHT TO YOU BY A TRUCK.

What would happen if all the other hard working folks in this country who are fed up with the antics of  this government got the same idea as the truckers?  What would happen if even 1/4 of the non-emergency workers in this country called in sick for a few days?  People like doctors, firemen, police and the like might sympathize with the "sick out" but they would remain on their jobs. The number of participants of the "sick out" would include people employed all the way from Wall Street to your local garbage collector. If DC likes "shut downs" they would love the result of this action.

Viewed from every angle, the federal government has gotten completely out of hand.  This government is no longer being run for the benefit of this country.  It is being run to forward the agendas of a few, much to the peril of the many.  How long will it be and how much more will it take before the many get enough?