Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Never have we received more feedback than we had from our August 3rd and 4th posts on the SWMP fee being passed. We received comments that ranged from, "Throw the bums out" to "How dare you attack our Council members". Considering the content of these phone calls and emails, we have concluded that a bit of clarification is in order.

QUESTION: Do we have substantiating documents to support your position?

QUESTION: Have you withdrawn your political support from the Councilmen involved?
ANSWER:  Absolutely NOT.

QUESTION: Has this disagreement destroyed your friendships with Council?
ANSWER: Not as far as we are concerned.

QUESTION: Why can't you understand that this is a mandate?
ANSWER: To ask such a simplistic question is disingenuous.

QUESTION: What can be done to resolve this disagreement?
ANSWER: Approach the issue honestly, educate everyone with all the information, and reverse the erroneous decision.

Even though copious amounts of documentation is available to support our contention that the SWMP fee is simply a "Cash Cow" for BC government and not a necessity for compliance with the regulations, it is not compulsory for anyone to take the time to read everything on the subject.  All one needs to do is to watch the video of the July 14, 2014 County Council meeting on the subject. Almost all of our contentions are verified by the testimony of the DEHEC representatives from Columbia and the "Experts" from BC government.

The fact that we continue to vehemently disagree with the vote of Council on this particular issue does not lessen our regard for the other successful, positive efforts of this Council. Our Council members have made great strides in addressing other vital issues that concern and benefit BC taxpayers. AND, political issues have little to nothing to do with person friendships. If your friends can't tell you when you've screwed up, who can?

Yes, the SWMP does contain mandated activities, the majority of which are already being performed by BC government. BUT, there are differing ways of complying with anything.
EXAMPLE: We all receive a tax bill every year. We must pay this bill or suffer the consequences, up to and including the loss of our property. We can pay this bill in any way we choose. We can write a check, buy a stamp, and mail it in.  We can pay it online. OR, if we choose, we can raid our children's trust fund, rent a fleet of limos, engage the Coliseum for a sit down catered dinner, and invite 100 of our closest friends to join us for a real event before we all ride down to Moncks Corner and pay in person. It is all a matter of degree and common sense.

Other counties are complying with the SWMP regulations with creative, inexpensive, in-house solutions. They have not created a new government entity. They have not hired more county employees and expanded government. The have not imposed a new fee on the taxpayers. In short, they have found innovative ways to solve the problem without spending a boatload of somebody else's money.

In conclusion, we would hope that everyone realizes that this issue is NOT personal. This is a political issue to which we envision a political resolution. The possibility exists, if everyone will but take advantage of it.

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